Lodash 4 - The Master Guide

Lodash 4 - The Master Guide
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Lodash complete guide - bner to master LODASH.

Gain an understanding of all the functions of Lodash and when to use them
Get an example of EVERY (over 300!) Lodash functions, to use as a reference when you need to use it
Become familiar with one of the most popular jаvascript libraries
Learn how to use the functions, and how they can help your project
Test your knowledge as you go - Lots of quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding of what you have learnt
Gain another skill to put on your Resume / Curriculum Vitae!
Learn how to manipulate strings, arrays, collections, objects and even functions!
Prior knowledge of jаvascript is assumed. Understanding of arrow functions ES6 concepts
Why is this course for you
This course is the most complete course on Lodash.JS with over 11 hours of video content! And probably the most complete course about Lodash available anywhere! Lodash is a huge library, and so is this course!
This course will teach you all you need to do to become a master with Lodash.JS, one of the most popular jаvascript libraries on the web. It will provide an example of every available function in Lodash, that's over 300+ examples!, in a step by step, function by function method.
This course will start at the most basic functions all the way up to the more complex functions. At regular intervals, there will be a Knowledge Check quiz for you to check your knowledge of each of the functions that you have learnt to far. At the end of the course there is a d Practice Test, so you can test yourself in near exam conditions to really put your knowledge to the test!
I've spent days creating this course for you, and hours researching examples. There are not many examples on Lodash.JS out there, so I've put in all the effort so that you don't need to!
It's a one investment. The course will be updated with more examples and lectures over !
How is this course different
Other Lodash courses on Udemy claim to be "comprehensive" or "complete", but ask yourself, how can they be complete when the course only covers a few functions and is just a couple of hours long Only this course, Lodash 4 - The Master Guide, will do justice to the whole of the Lodash library by providing examples of ALL 300+ functions. This huge course is over 11 hours long! This course also covers Lodash 4, the up-to-date, latest version of Lodash. Other courses use an old, out of date version of Lodash.
This course has been built in a modular way, so you can either learn the functions one by one, or just the ones that you wish to learn more about. You can still become an expert in Lodash, even by following a few modules.
By the end of the course, you will become very sufficient with using Lodash. Don't forget, if you are not entirely happy with the course, you have the 30 day Money-Back-Guarantee.
Use this course in several ways:
Reference Guide - if you need help on a particular function and need an example and explanation how to use it. Just jump straight to the relevant video.
Revision Guide - if you want to test your knowledge of Lodash, have an school assignment, and need to check your understanding - use the Knowledge Check quizzes and Practice Tests
Knowledge Builder - learn module by module, following each example and then trying it out for yourself, building up your confidence and knowledge
Course Modules
Manipulating Strings in Lodash
Manipulating Arrays in Lodash
Manipulating Collections in Lodash
Math & Number Functions in Lodash
Language Functions in Lodash
Utils & Date Functions in Lodash
Manipulating Functions in Lodash
What you will learn in this course:
Array and object transformations
Grouping and sorting
Composing functions
Working with string and arrays
Cloning and assigning properties
Checking the types
Debounce and throttle
Extending lodash with own functions
And much more...
What's Included in this Course Package
Up-to-date HD-Quality videos with the latest version of Lodash 4
A Quick Reference Guide for navigating to the specific video for a particular function you would like an example of
An example and explanation of all 300+ Lodash functions!
Free support in the Q&A
Knowledge Checks at regular intervals for you to check your knowledge
Practice Tests at the end of the course to verify your understanding of Lodash
This course is for you if...
You are a jаvascript developer looking to learn how to use Lodash in your everyday coding
You already know about Lodash but struggling to understand some of the more complex functions
You want to test your existing knowledge of Lodash
You want to gain another skill for your Resume or CV
If you're serious about becoming an expert at Lodash, then start your journey and master Lodash with this course!
Developers with some prior knowledge of jаvascript who want to learn more about Lodash
Developers with some familiarity of Lodash but want to learn more about it




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