A Painter´S Process - From Idea To Finished Artwork

A Painter´S Process - From Idea To Finished Artwork
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Level Up Your Creative Process, Compose an Original Artwork, Build Your Professional Portfolio, Overcome Procrastination

What you'll learn
Overcome a creative block or procrastination
Prepare, compose, paint a finished, polished piece of artwork
Differentiate between a painting and an artwork
Write an accurate description for an original artwork
Create a concept from a simle idea
Give your thoughts a visual form
Tips for the painting process and for using acrylic paints

Be a creative who is already creating
Know the basics of painting and drawing

Do you know the feeling of getting overwhelmed by all the amazing visuals you find when you are looking for inspiration online

Then you just procrastinate, because you don't really know what to paintThen this course is perfect for you!In this course you will get an insight of the process of creating a finished, polished piece of artwork of a professional art teacher and artist. It will get you from getting an idea, creating a concept from it to transfog your thoughts to a visual form. We will be visiting real places for inspiration then doing a research online. You will learn strats for the pre-painting phase, when we will brainstorm visualisations, sketch, make a value study and then compose a painting. We will make a color palette and a watercolor study before we approach our canvas.You will get tips for using acrylic paints and see the whole painting process from painting the background to varnishing.Finally, you will get an insight, how to prepare your artwork for your portfolio and put your concept to a short description which you will also be able to use in your professional portfolio, website and social media.So, do you want to level up your creation processThen don't hesitate and ENROLL!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Concept From Idea

Lecture 2 The Idea

Lecture 3 The Concept

Section 3: Inspiration

Lecture 4 On the Farm - Get Real Life Inspiration

Lecture 5 Research Online

Section 4: Pre-Painting Phase

Lecture 6 Brainstog

Lecture 7 Sketching

Lecture 8 Watercolor Study

Section 5: Finishing and Polishing the Painting

Lecture 9 Supplies

Lecture 10 The Painting Process

Lecture 11 Get Your Artwork Ready for Your Portfolio

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 12 Final Thoughts

Lecture 13 Bonus Lecture

Bner artists who would love to level up their creative process,Bner painters who have problems to decide what to paint,Creatives who don´t understand the difference between a painting and an artwork,Artists who are procrastinating,Hobby painters who would like to become more professional





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