Facebook Prospecting

Facebook Prospecting
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Learn to Sell on FaceBook Messenger

What you'll learn
How to make this effective in just 20 minutes of your day
How to prospect on facebook
How to start a conversation
Who to target
Groups to find

no expereience needed
familiarity with FaceBook will help
familiarity with sales will help

Over 2 billion people use FaceBook.

Most of them on their cell phones. prospects are increasingly harder to reach from conventional methods and direct dials are hard to find. This course skips having to find a direct dial and puts your messages straight into the pocket of the prospect.It sounds simple but in the 2020's most sales reps still are not widely making use of FaceBook messenger for prospecting. Don't leave money on the table by not taking the initiative. If you don't find new ways to bring in clients your competitors will.I use the methods taught in this course to get prospects on the phone with me. First by gaining their trust over messenger and then asking for a phone conversation. After the initial conversation FaceBook then serves as an additional means of keeping communications open.You connect- They see your content in their feedYou Message them- Then you have phone, email, and messenger to communicate onYou are in the same Groups as your clients - You can see what your prospects are in need ofOnce you start doing this it will take about 20 minutes of your day and it will dramatically improve your pipeline. The easy to implement tips in this course can be done by anyone.This course is helpful to all sales reps but is especially useful to those in the Insurance, Mortgage, Solar, or online sales industries.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Why FaceBook Messenger

Section 2: Learn FaceBook Prospecting

Lecture 3 Communication Methods

Section 3: Example Conversations

Lecture 4 Example Conversations

Section 4: FaceBook groups

Lecture 5 FaceBook Groups

Section 5: Using Memes on FaceBook

Lecture 6 The Use of Memes

Section 6: How to Get Results

Lecture 7 How to Get Results

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