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A few words about DownTra

The golden age of paper press and magazines is gone due to the development of digital technologies. When it is possible to find any info online whenever one needs, storing those paper issues turns into a hobby for true enthusiasts. Moreover, finding the exact magazine you need becomes a problem.

However, we have a solution. Here, at this website, you can download multiple issues of PDF journals for free. Our database of PDF files includes magazines in different languages and from various time periods. Collecting them and providing you with the access to the old-school reading experience and critical data is the hobby we like a lot.

The database of this website includes hundreds of journal issues in PDF. Everyone can find something interesting. We try to cover all the topics possible: from serious ones like finance and economics, to those focused on celebrities and their lives.

In case you look for magazines about some topics that are traditionally considered as manly ones, here are such categories as:
Cars and Motorcycles – from retro issues letting you dive into history of automotive industry to the latest journals telling of the freshest achievements.
Sports – these journals actually contain valuable data on past games, sports stars and their biographies, and other facts you probably won’t find anywhere else in the web.
Technology and Computers – the retro hardware is trendy as a hobby nowadays, and the appropriate journal issue can add valuable details on parts and give knowledge on concepts and solutions that might be forgotten till these days.

Additionally, here you can find scanned PDF issues of journals covering the topics of:
Cooking and Food – tasty dishes will always remain relevant, and checking this category of magazines might let you discover some old good recipes.
Fashion – probably the most valuable and popular category of journals, and it has good chances to maintain the fame for long because fashion is unpredictable and special.
Housing, Gardening, Interior design – these journals can either just show you those trends of the past or give some ideas to use when restyling your current dwelling.

These are only some examples of journals available here. Many more of those wait for your attention right here. Check them all out!

From now on, all you’ve got to do to start reading the magazine you want is to make a single mouse click on the “Download” button. The catalog is categorized to make it simpler for you to navigate through PDF magazines by topics and issue dates. Getting the exact journal in a PDF format is a matter of seconds when you use our website.

Dozens of titles, hundreds of issues, all available for free. Serious and funny, for men, women, kids and everyone, common and rare – we keep them all, and you read what you want. We also tend to refresh the database as frequently as possible. New PDF files appear here on a regular basis. That’s the reason to stay with us for long. With this site, you will be sure that every magazine you need is at your disposal. Visit us frequently to check new uploads! All we do is for you. Once again – our mags are totally free to download!